Zoom Groups

Online Bible Studies together with Jesus

What is a Zoom Group?

Many of us want to take part in a Bible study, but life seems to make it difficult. With a busy work schedule, kids church and school activities, not to mention sick kids and coming home tired after a long day; it can be a challenge to commit to attending a small group. Our Zoom Groups try to take out the roadblocks that keep us from engaging consistently with a small group. Zoom Groups are done via video chat (through zoom.us) and are once a week for one hour. Each small groups meets for six weeks and works through a book of the Bible. Imaging sitting with your spouse in the comfort of your own home doing a Bible study without the hassle of packing up the kids, driving in the cold, and getting home late. We went to see couples regularly engaging with others in the Scriptures with Jesus. We hope this will help you as a couple grow in your relationship with Jesus, with others, and that your family is made stronger in the process.

If you want to join, fill out your info below and select which group you are joining, and you're done!