Weddings and Funerals at Calvary

Information about Weddings and Funerals at Calvary from Calvary Leadership


To Visit with a Pastor about a wedding this year

  • Call 218-547-1897 to set up an appointment

Pre-Marital Counseling can proceed using

  • Phone
  • FaceTime
  • Following social distancing and current building use procedures

Any weddings scheduled for the months ahead will operate in accordance with MN Dept. of Health guidelines relevant at the time of the ceremony.  


Funerals are an important part of church life as a family celebrates the life of their loved one, grieves their loss with their community, and looks to the Lord for strength, comfort, and hope.  Minnesota funeral homes operate under oversight of the MN Dept. of Health. This means that during the Covid 19 pandemic, how a funeral can be conducted in the months ahead will be very different from what we normally expect. 

If you have questions about your options for funerals at this time:

  • Please contact your local funeral home
  • You will find information on their websites
  • They will be happy to answer questions and discuss options
  • Please contact our pastoral team at Calvary
  • 218-547-1897
  • We will visit and pray with you about funeral arrangements 

What are your options?

Basically a family has three options currently:

  • Option #1 is to cremate the deceased and postpone the funeral until such time as the MN Dept. of Health allows for a return to routine practices.
  • Option #2 is to conduct a funeral at present following current guidelines of social distancing and maximum allowed participants for group gatherings. These services can be videotaped so other family and friends can view the service. '
  • Option #3 is to have a graveside service, following social distancing requirements, and postpone the memorial service to a later date when funeral homes and churches are permitted to return to normal practices.

Be Prepared

Under any circumstances we advise all adults, especially the elderly and those dealing with chronic illness, to have made arrangements for end of life decisions. This includes:

  • A current, legal will
  • Updated advanced care directives
  • Consideration of what they want their funeral service to include.

When an individual has a clear record of their wishes for a funeral, it makes planning a much smoother process for their grieving family.   

Helpful, timely resources are available at , and we have two certified consultants at Calvary for advanced care planning.  

If you want to visit with a pastor about funeral planning, please call the church at 547-1897 and we will make arrangements for an appointment with you.