Health Ministries

Faith Community Nurse

Health Ministries at Calvary

At Calvary our Faith Community Nurse serves by promoting health; and the prevention, or minimizing impact, of illness. Although a FCN does not practice direct-care nursing, there are many other avenues of support offered.

The church is often the first place people come with their health needs. The FCN can enhance the ministry of the present staff and existing programs through their presence, attentive listening and prayer.   Because the nurse is already connected with health systems, the FCN can refer them to the appropriate sources and become their advocate.  As health care systems become increasingly complex, the FCN provides an outreach to the community as persons are often uncertain, unaware or uninformed.  

Meet our Faith Community Nurse

Calvary's Faith Community nurse, Cynthia Dainsberg holds a current license as a Registered Nurse, and earned her Parish Nurse certificate from the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University July 17, 1997. She has lived with a number of ongoing health challenges for over three decades. These challenges have given her the opportunity to learn a number of health lessons from ‘both sides of the bed’.

Cynthia enjoys keeping up on health issues, researching, advocating and promoting health as a Faith Community Nurse. If you have a question, concern, need… feel free to contact her and she will do her best to provide you with direction.