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Elder Team Update

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Elder Update - 12.1.21

Greetings, the Elder Team would like to introduce what we simply call “Elders Updates”. We hope to offer these updates twice a month as a way to keep folks informed and up to date on what our team is prayerfully working through, as well as, inviting you in prayer for our church in these areas. 

Over the last month we have been meeting to discuss and pray through a number of things.  As you know, we have had a lot of transition lately, but we are so thankful for God’s guidance and goodness to our church.

First, we are grateful for Pastor Jarrod taking us through his sermon series on discipleship and learning to build relationships the way Christ did.  Our prayer would be that we can continue pursuing this way of life both as a church body, and as individuals in our daily lives.  Please continue to think and pray on this, and ask the Lord who He may have you begin a disciple making friendship with.

As a team we have been working on setting goals.  One of these goals would be growing in how we as elders support and encourage our pastors.  Areas we’re looking at are:

  1. Bringing clarity in their roles and duties 
  2. Setting expectations
  3. Aligning spiritual gifting
  4. Accountability 

Another goal we’ve set is to continue forward as a team with good health.  God has blessed us with immense unity over the last year even in difficult circumstances, and we want to continue on in oneness.  Please pray for us as we move forward!

We have also been meeting with the Pastors individually for a check in to listen, pray, and encourage.  Many good things have come out of this, and we will be continuing after the New Year.

Lastly we have been working through our church budget and other financial issues along with the Finance Team who have been a huge blessing and are doing a wonderful job!  God has continued to provide for our church in every way.

Praise God we have Pastor Mark back with us in our worship services, and for Pastor John’s continual improvement!  God has been so good and we are so thankful.  Please continue lifting up all of our pastors in prayer.  We hope this mornings service is a blessing to you.

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Updated 9.22.21