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Elder Team Update

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Elder Update - 10.7.21

Greetings, the Elder Team would like to introduce what we simply call “Elders Updates”. We hope to offer these updates twice a month as a way to keep folks informed and up to date on what our team is prayerfully working through, as well as, inviting you in prayer for our church in these areas. 

Here are a couple things at the top of our team’s agenda.


  1. The Finance Chair, Tina Peterson, has asked the elder team to give input on some financial matters such as, staff salaries and benefits. We invited Tina to our most recent meeting to get some background and direction as we consider how to appropriately decide on compensation packages. As a side note, we are grateful for the work of the finance team. They have done a great job bringing clarity and alignment to many of the financial processes and procedures of the church. The budget process will be complete by late November and ready for the congregation’s approval at the annual meeting in January.
  2. Historically, a regular part of our elder meetings has been to update the team on folks that may be struggling with hardship or celebrating joy in different parts of their lives. These updates provide opportunity to pray for and, if appropriate, reach out to these folks to offer support. We want to be more effective in reaching out to and praying for these folks, so we have developed a process to share this information between elder team members. Rest assured that we would never share any personal information, even with fellow elders, unless we are told it is okay to do so.


Our elder team has also shared in prayers of gratitude for Pastor John’s improved health. Many have said that his improvement can only be described as a miracle from God. We ask you continue to lift him and his family up in prayer.

Thank you for your involvement in what the Lord is doing at Calvary and we hope today’s service is a blessing to you. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to someone on the elder team.

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