Chasing Slow

October 4th-6th at Wildwood Beach Resort, Hackensack

Chasing Slow Getaway

A weekend for moms to rest and be refreshed - body, soul & spirit.

October 4th-6th at Wildwood Beach Resort, Hackensack

Hosted by Melanie Deegan

Does “crazy busy” describe your life? Do you feel like you’re always running on an empty tank? Have you ever wondered how to fake a coma just so you can take a break? Are you bogged down with guilt because you feel like you are falling short?

Ladies, we get it! The world’s constant messages telling us to do more and be more can leave us feeling exhausted, not just in our bodies, but in our souls. But what if the answer isn’t more? What if it’s less?

Consider Mark 6:31, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile”, as Jesus’ invitation to you for a Chasing Slow Getaway.

Enjoy a weekend relaxing in a cabin at a quiet lakeside resort, eating nourishing food (that you didn’t have to cook!), soaking in Biblical teaching, gathering around the campfire with friends, and taking all the uninterrupted naps you need!