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Calvary COVID-19 Updates

Calvary Church's precautions in a spirit of prevention and care for one another.

COVID-19 Updates

In light of reopening church services/office during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to give you an update on the changes we are making at our Church Facilities.

We are closely monitoring the government and EFCA/NCD recommendations; as well as gathering information from other faith communities and health resources. Accordingly, as Leaders at Calvary Church, we have made adjustments in how we will operate as we begin the process of re-opening our facilities, to our best knowledge and practice.

Here are some things you will want to know before you physically come to our facilities:

  • Update in response to Gov Walz proclamation July, 22, 2020: We ask everyone planning to attend: a) Pre-Register at   b) plan to wear a mask when you attend (We will have a limited number of masks available, for those who do not have one upon arrival. No charge, but monetary donations accepted.)


Face-cover details:

  • If you are unwell, have recently returned from overseas travel, or have knowingly come into contact with someone ill with Covid-19 (or any other infectious disease), please stay home, even if you are not presently exhibiting symptoms.
  • We are taking extra care to ensure we are sanitizing and cleaning surface areas used in our facilities- before and after uses.
  • We have sanitation-stations with hand sanitizer – please use these, as much and as often as you need. (After having touched your face, or any other potentially germ laden surface…)
  • Communion- we will distribute individually packaged elements (GF avail upon request)
  • You may also notice that we have removed the Pew Bibles, Bulletins, Newsletters, and other literature- again, this is to reduce germ transfer. Please feel free to bring in your own Bible or use your hand-held device. To receive updates usually in our Bulletin/Newsletter, contact the Church Office to request being on the email or mailing list. You may also log into our website at any time:
  • We welcome your generous Tithes & Offerings. Giving Options: Offering Boxes placed at the back of the sanctuary; ask our Church Office Staff about setting up automatic giving through your bank ; give online at
  • We have made seating changes: to space our seating to accommodate family groups and physical distancing- please respect the most effective use of these spaces. We have seating areas set-apart for family groups of 2s, 5s, 10s, and 15s.
  • Please Keep Physical Distancing throughout your time at our facilities.
  • We can all do our best, but remember, there will never be a 100% protection when you engage in any social interaction at our facilities- We ask you to be self-aware, considerate of others, and take personal responsibility for your health, and the health of those around you. Calvary Staff, Volunteers & Leadership will be doing the same.
  • Our Staff & Volunteer Team are following government recommendations, and if any of them show symptoms of illness- they will engage in self-isolation until cleared/deemed healthy…
  • We ask you to NOT touch surfaces at the church- (door-knobs, counters, kiosk…) or at the least, minimize any touch-points. Be sure you are using good handwashing, using hand sanitizers, do not touch your face, minimize any physical touch, cough/sneeze into your elbow…
  • When using a bathroom- allow only two-persons into the restroom at a time; use good handwashing before leaving the bathroom; avoid touching door-knobs…
  • Avoid congesting/congregating in narrow spaces/areas- keep physical distance aware as you come in, leave, go through a hallway…
  • Corporate Worship/Singing- Since Covid-19 is spread primarily by droplet/aerosol form; at this time, we are taking these precautions: a) our worship set will be pre-recorded  b) we discourage singing along robustly, but encourage you to participate in heart & and with hands, raised/clapping…
  • If you’d like to meet with any Staff or Leaders- or you would like to meet at our facility in a small group capacity- call the Church Office to check feasibility and to set-up a meeting time

Your patience, respect, cooperation, kindness, generosity, self-control, self-awareness, communication, prayer, support….and more- are all very much appreciated. 

This is a fluid situation, and we will make amendments to these recommendations as necessary to serve our Whole Church to our best. Thank you! If you have any questions, concerns, input- Call our Church Office, and you will be directed to a person in Leadership, to address your need.


For good information we recommend the following websites:

"In the meantime ministry has not stopped- it has changed. What has not changed is our vision and mission: we’re here to live together for the glory of God our Creator. Our mission is to invite all people to follow Christ, engage all people to grow in Christ, and equip all people to serve Christ. God is still building his Kingdom and growing his family- we are glad to be a small part of what he is doing. Take care, God bless, have a great day."

In Christ, Mark Widman, Preaching Pastor